So inspired by …

If you have some time, read the SUTTON TRUST report on LIFE LESSONS.
If you don’t, just read the extract below.
Very inspiring …

  • Essential life skills such as confidence, motivation, resilience and communication are associated with better academic outcomes and better prospects in the workplace, and there is an increasing emphasis on their value, given labour market trends towards automation.
  • There is wide recognition of the importance of such life skills, with 88% of young people, 94% of employers and 97% of teachers saying that they are as or more important than academic qualifications.
  • In fact, more than half of teachers (53%) believe that life skills are more important than academic qualifications to young people’s success and 72% believe their school should increase their focus on teaching life skills.
  • However, they reported that only half of schools had a shared approach or policy on the issue, and just 13% knew where to get information to support the development of those skills in their pupils.

Source: LIFE LESSONS – Improving essential life skills for young people – Carl Cullinane and Rebecca Montacute – October 2017 – THE SUTTON TRUST. – image : Hugh McLeod