Case Study: J2S programme for Beacon School : Transformation Starts at the Top.

The BEACON School [Banstead] engaged J2S to run a Leadership Programme for their Leadership Team to open new possibilities for individuals, the team, and the students & whole school community, to improve outcomes and the school’s objective on becoming a true part of the local community.

Why ?
The purpose was to build a strong cohesive leadership team to take the school forward as the centre of the local community and to develop the senior leadership team with increased emotional intelligence and strategic skills to face challenges more effectively and be positive role models for all.

How ?
A programme of five activity based 1 1/2 hour workshops exploring emotional intelligence, contributions and impact, habits, coaching models, powerful goal setting techniques and decision making strategies. This was supported by three confidential coaching sessions for each team member.

Outcomes :
Participants reported that they were able to manage their teams more effectively, had more productive interactions with students individually and in classroom situations
The programme increased their self awareness and improved leadership skills.
The team worked more cohesively.