Our Vision

Everyone deserves the tools to achieve what they aim for in life
Everyone at the top of their game has coaching. 
Why should coaching be limited to these people? 
Why not make it accessible to schools and teach coaching skills as a skill to learn in itself?

We are a “Collaborative Entity”of experts in career, emotional intelligence, business and gamification, who work with businesses & adults. We have found that adults, when presented with personal development tools all said: « Oh I wish I had known this when I was younger »

Our goal is to inspired and empower young people to become the leaders of their own lives. We want to equip them with the soft skills they need for their future.

We are building programmes, workshops and games to help them discover, chose and adopt useful skills & habits.

What makes us unique is that we blended EmotionaI Intelligence theories, NLP and career coaching frameworks with gamification to make it engaging.