Who we are

Emotional Intelligence Coach.
Lisa, a mother of three children, works with individuals, businesses and schools to improve the way people and teams interact with others to achieve the success they desire. She is professionally qualified to deliver Emotional Intelligence programmes and other coaching and self-improvement techniques.  Lisa believes that everyone can achieve their success, whatever that might be, by living more intentionally. She connects people with their passions and aligns these with their daily activities using a variety of proven tools and techniques. 

Gamification Expert,

Founder of RécréAction communication agency. 
Céline is passionate about getting the best out of people using creative and fun approaches. She started by developing a concept of learning and training using gamification with children and further developed this for adults and organisations. Since 1998 Céline has designed games, video games, comics and plays which have helped companies to create a more productive environment, and inspired people to think better and act differently.

Internationally & UK Accredited Career Development Professional.
Dave’s passion and mission are to get the skills that have helped so many adults create successful careers and lives into the hands of young people. He has helped thousands of people across a broad range of industries and levels to get jobs they love that support the lifestyle they have chosen. He has worked with young people for many years, and undertaken over 25 expeditions in the Arctic, Antarctic, Himalayas, Andes, and other regions. 

Business Development. 
Cécile graduated from a top French Business School and has an MA Degree in Creative Business Development from Central Saint Martins University in London. She has a career in financial and business development for small businesses and start ups in the UK. She is also a mother and very invested in school governing questions.